E-Waste Management

Electronics and electrical items rule the world. This is an age of electronics and electrical devices, where the advantages are highly appreciated.

t is apparent that all the industry, at-any situation should care about environment and take necessary steps to handle the waste materials generated at the plant/factory/office etc.

EWaste consultation is more towards educating the clients with the knowledge about EWASTE and make the client an Eco-Friendly business. We introduce the managed process to clients and enable to effectively take part in the REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE process.

This scenario is gradually changing, and people are gaining awareness about the problems e-waste is creating. But there are many, who do not know all about e-waste and its effect on the environment.

Developing countries with rapidly growing markets handle e-waste from developed countries, and from their own internal consumers. Currently, an estimated 70 percent of e-waste handled in India is from other nations, but the UNEP estimates that between 2007 and 2020, domestic television e-waste will be double, computer e-waste will increase five times, and mobile phones 18 times.

We at Virogreen aimed at creating country-wide awareness by offering consulting solutions according to the need of the industry that client belongs to. Nevertheless, we persuade any client to engage with Virogreen for business.

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